Hello world!

Well, here I go!  I never thought I’d blog, but I guess you got that by the “neverthoughtidblog” part.  What pushed me into diving into blogland?  It wasn’t years of my friends and co-workers saying “you should blog”, though they did.  It wasn’t the joy of putting my thoughts out there-you know, immortality through the written word.  Simply put, it is to fill a need.  I need a forum to expound on thoughts, plans, encouragements, and who knows what else within my workplace and limited little world.  I also need a way to link Twitter feeds or post Facebook posts that is accessable and a way to reach all those within my area of influence.  so, the blog is birthed.  I expect this purpose to change and grow as I go along and then many of you may say “I told you so,I knew you would write a blog”.

Why the tagline?  Cultivating Thoughts; Yielding Actions?  Because I expect this blog to grow and for me to grow with it.  I love this definition of “Cultivate” taken from www.dictionary.com  “to promote or improve the growth of (a plant, crop, etc.) by labor and attention.”  Often we must put “labor and intention” into our thoughts in order for them to yield action, to grow into the things that make us who we desire to be.  It is an exciting journey.  So, I guess I’ll blog.

I apologize ahead of time because I expect a certain degree of randomness because I’m a newbie who never thought I’d blog.


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