Coffee Time

Coffee Time
I just bought a percolator. I know, I know! I’m a coffee snob. I know that it makes the water too hot and it that it may over extract my beans. BUT, I love the sound, followed by the wonderful aroma that means morning and I know my fellow coffee snobs won’t believe me, but it tastes pretty good. This is how I love to start my day-freshly perked coffee and a still quiet house. It is one of the loveliest parts of my day. In this moment I feel at home, calm, peaceful, joyful, centered, and ready for the day. (Hyperbole is really awesome!) As much as I love this time there is one coffee time I love even more; NY Coffee time.
My aunt lives in NY and we don’t visit often maybe once a year or every other year. There are so many things I love about this trip such as my cousin’s laugh, you can’t help but to laugh too and it fills your heart with joy, I love crossword puzzles and hanging out with my uncle, play time with the children and coffee time with my aunt.
My aunt and I are up first and slip out into the chilly air onto the deck with our coffee and chat. We laugh, share from the heart, sometimes we say nothing. It is wonderful. She makes every moment feel like home. Comfortable, accepted, kick your shoes off home. I love it. These moments are so wonderful that even when I am away I think of them. Sometimes when I have my coffee time at home I think of my aunt and this time.
It makes me wonder; do I make people feel this way? I want to. I want to exude “home” the way my percolator does. Do I make others long for “coffee time” with me? How does this happen? I think it begins with the idea that my home is your home, that I invite you in and make you comfortable. That I don’t worry about spills and messes or a perfect house, but an inviting house where you can just be you even if it looks different from me being me. I want you to be the most you you can be. It happens because I remember to work on me all the rest of the time. I take the time to check my heart, my attitude, my mind. Am I growing and improving? Am I teachable? Humble? Am I all this and more?
Not always, but I’m trying. It is a process and I believe for you and for me. So, grab a mug (even though it is percolator coffee). I’ll meet you on the deck, let’s have coffee time.