Our Travels Continued

As I mentioned in my previous post it is the time with friends, time with those we love that makes our experiences rich and colorful. It is people with laughter and tears, stories, lives, experiences all ready to share with one another that truly make any trip, journey, experience full and joyful. The next leg of our journey was the richest because it was shared and enriched by our friends and the new ones we made. Cambridge, United Kingdom:

We spent the rest of the week in Cambridge preparing for and enjoying a beautiful wedding which was held at Trinity Chapel, Trinity College. It felt like being in a movie. The dining hall looked so much like the one from Harry Potter, that for a moment I could swear the candles were floating. Amazing!!

If you are in Cambridge go to Charlie Chan’s Restaurant, it will be the best Chinese food you will ever eat! The rest of Cambridge is beyond words, believe me I keep trying. We had our first British tea and learned that there is a debate; do you put the clotted cream on the scone first or the strawberry jam? I was told that the real goal is to pile it as high as you can with both and always use strawberry jam.

One of our days in Cambridge the ladies went to the spa where we had the bridal shower and a lot bubbly beverages. The younger men went punting (click to see what this is), and the older men went pubbing and then all of the men went to the library where they saw things like Isaac Newton’s hand written notes, Shakespeare’s first folio etc. The incredible history, art, and antiquities we saw were almost more than we could wrap our minds around.

The wedding was beautiful, our friends were wonderful, the buildings were stunning, the foods and wine were wonderful, the history overwhelming and the list goes on. I have written this several times and cannot find the balance between Travel Log and hyperbole, I think we will go with hyperbole! It was amazingly stupendously, fantastically, tremendous and so much more. My recommendation is to click this link, it will take you to Google maps and from here use the street view and wander around, the buildings alone will amaze you (not hyperbole-truth).

The worst part about Cambridge was parting company with dear friends old and new. The time had gone so quickly and we all fell into each other’s lives just as easily as we always have, as if there had been no time apart. We missed one another even before we were gone. Sunday, we left Cambridge and some of our friends and traveled on to London where the adventure continues. I hope you will join me as we walk London together.


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