Wubbys, loveys, and kitty cat blankets

my wubby

my wubby

I have a confession…I have a wubby.  Yep, a grown woman and I have a wubby.  I have decided this makes me a healthier, happier individual.  So, what’s a wubby you wonder?  It is a comfort item; something we go to that just seems to make everything right again i.e. loveys, blankies, snuggles etc.  (side note: Just in case some of you are aware of a similar term, wubby is not to be confused with wubbie which Urban Dictionary tells me means something entiiirreely different. Hint an anatomical euphemism).

When we think of wubbys we think of things like Linus, from the Peanuts, dragging his blanket around or of children sucking their thumbs and snuggling with some object that makes them feel secure, safe, or just ready for a nap.  The truth is almost everyone has some sort of wubby, we just don’t think of it in those terms.  Do you have a favorite chair that you sit in to just feel “centered”?  Do you wear a certain pair of socks, drink out of particular cup, or snuggle with grandma’s quilt just because it makes you feel good?  Then you, my friend have a wubby.  Welcome to the club!

When I was a child I had “kitty cat blanket”.  My blanket was quilted and had little, well I’m sure you have guessed it, kitty cats on it, it also had ducks.  I carried this thing around until it was just a wad of nasty threads, and I loved it.  It was there when I was afraid, hurt, and sick.  It gave me comfort when I was sad and helped me go to sleep every night.  It was very dear to me.  Kitty cat blanket has long passed away, but the basic need for little comforts never leaves.  One day walking through Target I reached out and felt a quilt, immediately I had that old, familiar sense of peace and comfort.  That was it, that quilt was coming home with me! Oh-yea, Ahhh, bliss you can wrap around yourself-awesome!

I have friends who snuggle with teddy bears, wear a certain pair of socks when sad, always drink out of the same cup because it “feels right” in their hands.  These friends are not ashamed of it, they embrace it.  They recognize that what they are really doing is taking a minute in the midst of chaos to remember that this crazy moment is not all of life, it will all be ok. It may be a season, but still not forever.  Just breathe, focus and grab your wubby.

I want to make a point, before going on.  The small things we do just to bring ourselves around to cope a little better are not at all the same as going to something to escape reality, to bring an unhealthy emotional release or be a replacement for things like real relationship, problem solving, ownership of issues, counseling, mentorship, friendship, etc.  You get the idea.  I am in no way condoning addictive behavior or using things like alcohol, drugs, or even food as a way to cope.  Real issues require real action; prayer, advice, elbow grease, etc.  What I am saying is that sometimes we just need someone to say, “there, there, everything is going to be alright”, even if I might not be.  What they really mean is that you will be ok!  And sometimes we get that feeling from a quiet moment, a good book, a nice walk, or a wubby.