The Library of our Lives

library“What’s your story?”  This is a question we hear from time to time.  It means who are you?  Where do you come from?  What makes you tick? Tell me more about you.  When we tell our “story” we are choosing the chapters that we are willing to share at that particular time, we choose them from books stored in the library of our lives which is made up of smaller “stories” comprised of every genre; comedy, tragedy, drama, mystery, adventure….Etc.  When we share “our story” we slip into the vast library and choose which books we are willing or interested in choosing chapters from.  Sometimes we only choose a paragraph; sometimes just a line and then we begin our tale.

Some of these books I have no desire to read again, some books I even hated, but I keep them on my shelves to remind me that I’m done with that book. I don’t have to open it again, but its stories are part of who I am. Sometimes just looking at those books on my shelves are enough to remind me of the lessons gleaned from the pages.  I don’t have to read it over and over again; I just have to remember it. I keep these books for this purpose. I remember-that is part of learning.

Other books I lovingly pick up and read again, or sometimes I simply tenderly run my finger down the spine and remember the joy of that book.  Sometimes I smell the pages and then I hold the book to my heart and revel in the moment.  I see it all clearly in my mind’s eye, in full color.  I remember the sounds, smells, and feelings.  They are sweet and precious and I treasure them.  Some of my favorites are the books about when my children were born or my own romance novel, telling of my true love or nature books and picture books.  So many wonderful books!

There is a special book that I keep plot ideas in: dreams, hopes for the future, etc.  I visit this book for inspiration and to help me so that I don’t forget that life isn’t over yet. I use this book to remind me that there are more “stories” to be written, more books to come.  It is an exciting book and every time I look at it there are new things written in it.  It is important to remember to visit this book often if I wish to completely fill the shelves of my library.  Sometimes I forget about this book and find that life becomes mundane, then I visit my library and I’m inspired to live again.

I encourage you to visit your library from time to time.  Don’t be afraid of things like the horror books, you already know how it ended and it’s ok to read the last page before looking at the beginning again, and really it’s ok if you never pick up that book again as long as you remember that healthy lessons that can be pulled from them, but don’t try to destroy those books. Remember that even those books are a part of who you are and who you are is a good thing!  Maybe you need a few self helps books, that’s ok-add them in.  You won’t run out of space on your shelves.

What is on your shelves?  Are there a lot of music books?  Photography?  Maybe Football?  Embrace them, they are part of you and as Dr. Seuss says “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”.   So see? You are the best you you can be!

So, What’s your story?