I just thought I’d Start a Little Blog, Hmm. Who Knew?

I just thought I would start a little blog.  No biggie.  Right?  First I started this one, initially, so that I could have a place to make URL links for my work and in the process I  discovered I actually liked it and wanted to do it for myself.  Wow,  really?  I was surprised, thus “I never though I’d blog” was born and a new hobby and skill was found; writing.

I apologize for not keeping it up lately, I’m afraid I’m been a little obsessed in other directions, in the midst of discovering I liked writing I also discovered I like photography and I already liked cooking and experimenting with new recipes, trying cookbooks etc. so, it just seemed natural to start a food blog and that combined with friends who would ask me to help them plan out meals is how www.bringingbackdinner.com was born. So, two blogs. CRAAAZZZY and busy.

I am finding out that blogging is a little like rearranging a room.  You think to yourself  “I would really like it if the couch was over there, so you have to move the chair, but then that means you have to move the bookcase, but then you have to move the ottoman and what about all the knickknacks.  You know what I mean, we have all done it.  Before you know it you have a big mess, but eventually you end up with a beautiful new room.  If your family keeps you.

This is what bringingbackdinner.com has been like.  I thought “I enjoy neverthoughidblog.wordpress.com, what’s another blog?  Besides, it will help my friends.”  Then people said “hey you need pictures, aren’t you learning to take pictures?”  So, I started taking pictures.  Then people said “you know there are certain rules and styles that apply to food photography” so I’ve been watching videos and looking at food blogs, and looking at food photography (they call it food porn, and I think it fits) and trying to learn.  Now I’m joining twitter, photo groups, other blogs. Whew, it is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a big mess and I’m waiting for the beautiful room and I hope my family keeps me.

As a side note; I have an awesome point and shoot camera with all the bells and whistles, buuuut it is not a DSLR, I think the R stands for REAL camera.  I was able to borrow my stepson’s camera for a few weeks.  It was awesome, I was like a crazy photo person.  “DON’T TOUCH THAT”  ” I haven’t taken its picture yet”. and it was a great learning experience, seeing more and seeing differently.  We went to an art show and I was amazed how differently I saw, really saw, the pictures now.  There is so much to see like shadows, lights, sentiments, structure…so amazing.   Alas, all good things must come to an end and I’m back to the point and shoot.  They say  it isn’t the camera, but who is behind it.  We shall see.  I think it is kind of the camera. And I hope my family keeps me.  I’m still going to say “wait, don’t eat that.  I have to take its picture.”

I’m becoming a little addicted.  Checking out this website, looking at that website, taking picture after picture after picture, but it is how I learn.  I love to learn and I have to squeeze every tiny bit of information out of a topic before I’m satisfied.  But, that is OK, within reason.  What I’m doing is more than a blog or two blogs to be precise,  I’m finding out about myself, I’m growing as a person, I’m learning new things and I’m remembering that I’m not too old for adventure or that we don’t just stop at some age and become a watcher we should always remember to be a doer!

It isn’t enough to long for things.  How many times do we hear about people who got a degree late in life, or lost the weight they always talked of losing, maybe they learned to draw, ski, maybe even blog and then they say “just think, what if I had done this all those years ago instead of just talking about it?”  We all can fall into this easily. Longing for something should be the impetus that makes it happen. My advice? The sub-title of this blog: Cultivate your ideas and make them yield action.  If I can do it so can you.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again you can do it, i’m holding my hand out for support. I believe you can and I believe I can and I believe our families will still keep us in the process.  One can hope!

My adventure continues and it isn’t perfect, but I’m having fun and I’m growing as a person.  I will mess up and I can learn from that too, but I’m glad for new adventures, even those that take courage.  You should be too.  You know it isn’t courage if you’re not afraid or nervous, by the way.

Hmmm,  I think my room is beginning to take shape, I think it might just be beautiful, but then I can alway rearrange again if it isn’t.  Hope my family keeps me.


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