Remember Wham O’ Window? Life is Kinda like that.

There was a toy from the 70’s called the Wham o Magic Window.  It was a sand like substance in between two pieces of glass and the designs changed as you turned it up, sideways, and back. (click the link to experience what happened when parents who were high in the 60’s made toys for their kids in the 70’s.) I have decided that the Wham O Magic Window is kinda what life is like.  You never know what picture it is going to make and you can always tilt it to try another look.

That is what our lives have felt like lately and now we are about to tilt it again.  I am making a shift from working outside the home to working from the home.  I am going to be a housewife, homemaker, homeworker etc.!  I’m very excited to be home more and to care for our family and our home differently. It is a new adventure!

My husband and I feel like this will open up opportunities for the future for me and for us and we are considering things like the possibility of going back to school, spending more time blogging, photography and so much more.   We don’t have a clue what this new adventure will look like, but we are ready for it.  There is something exciting about tilting the window, so to speak, to see what new picture will appear.  Change is good.

I think it is important to remember that life isn’t static, unchanging it is fluid.  I encourage you to try something new, discover something hidden about yourself and find the things that bring you joy.  Expect adventure and embrace it and if it doesn’t work out that’s OK learn from it and try something else.  Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith, step our of our comfort zones, tilt the window and see what picture emerges even if you can only tilt it the tinyist little bit.  It is something and life is short.  I’m sure it will be beautiful.

Some of my new adventures: Spending time with the grandbaby, hanging with the big kids, finally having a clean house (maybe),, Flickr, telling people about Shaklee ,speaking opportunities, learning and growing, and just seeing what will happen next!  Now if I can just learn to tap dance! hmmm.

I look forward to hearing about your new adventures.  Tilt away!


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