It sure was easier getting unfit, or so we think.

How often do we complain about being overweight, out of shape etc. and say something like “it sure was easier getting unfit”?  Was it?  It has taken me 20 years to get to the pudgy, out of breath, tired, person that I have become.  If I looked at it in reverse I might say it was hard work getting here.  I mean really, when my friends said “Hey wanna play volleyball?” and I said “ehhhh, I’ll watch” or when I could have had fresh fruits and veggies and went for the deep fried Oreo instead I was putting my fitness plan into action or unfitness plan.  If I keep this up in 20 years I could have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and be the absolute picture of the Renaissance woman, you know those pudgy nudes from way back? ok, well I’ve already got the last part, yea, curvy is the word!  I got a big butt and I cannot lie…all about that bass… you get the idea. –Side note I am not bashing myself.  The truth is I am overweight and out of shape, but my husband thinks I”m beautiful and most days I do too.  It is still good to be real.

Ok, I’m being a bit silly, but only a bit.  And the truth is it will take less time to become fit, but it isn’t nearly as fun.  At least that is how most of us perceive it.  My really fit friends never stopped playing.  They hike, bike ride, run, play sports, walk everywhere etc. and none of them consider that exercise.  They do these actions in addition to exercise and I find most of them naturally want to eat well as a result.

Great for them you say?  Yea, me too.  But I am willing to change my mind.  I want a real paradigm shift.  I want to get to the place where I consider sitting around being inactive, eating too much and too many of the wrong things to be a yucky thought.  It will take time.

The good news is that it takes less time for a fat person to become fit than for a fit person to become fitter.  It is also been proven that exercise is cumulative, meaning you can do little bits all day and still benefit.

When you get discouraged remember to just do what you can do and do a little bit more  next time.  One good method of speeding up your endurance is “mini wind sprints” which Covert Bailey, a nutritional biochemist and exercise physiologist popular in the 90’s describes as “Wind sprint is a familiar term to athletes. For them it means to sprint or go very fast. But it’s the first word — WIND — that should really be emphasized, because the purpose of the exercise is to get momentarily winded. Athletes have to go very fast to get winded. Out-of-shape people can get winded from just walking. (It might have been easier to explain this technique if I had made up a new name for it, such as “The Get Winded Exercise.”)…read the rest of the article here.  In other words, just push your self every so often in your exercise, for example go for a walk, but every 4 minutes walk faster until you are a little winded then walk normally again.

They say that the answer to the question “What is the best exercise?” is “The one you will do”.  So let’s get out there and get moving and maybe we can encourage each other in the process. More importantly let’s decide it is fun and desirable!

Those of you who have read my other articles about Being You, this still stands.  However, I feel it is important to take care of ourselves and take responsibility for our health and bodies.  So, love the body you have while you work on the one you will have!

My example to help you feel better:  Yesterday I went for a tiny 3 mile bike ride on a paved trail with moderate hills every so often.  Sounds nice yea?  Except I huffed and puffed on those Mooodeerate hills!  On the return trip I actually had to push the bike up one hill.  I was pretty embarrassed and mad at myself.  Then I told myself the above, “do what I can do.”  So, I did.  As puny an effort as I felt it was I really felt good the rest of the day and a little empowered too.  So today?  Yoga!!  That is, when no one is looking!


What ways do you motivate yourself?  Post your comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Maybe next time we chat about eating better and other ways of being healthy.  It’s a journey I think I’d like to take, wanna join me?

Disclaimer: I am not in the medical field and this is not meant to diagnose, give any medical or fitness advice.  I am simply an average person musing.