My Journey to 100 Days to Amazing-Day 3

amazing (1)What the 100 Days is about:

I was at the Shaklee Global Conference August 12-16th and we were challenged to 100 Days of Amazing with the question of what could we accomplish in 100 days if we really tried?  I was inspired by the challenge, both as a business builder who wants to grow my business in 100 days and as an individual!  What could I do in 100 days?

My Journey to Amazing: My 100 Days to Amazing are committed to making a more successful business as a Shaklee Independent Distributor and I am also committed to 100 days to amazing health and fitness. I want to be fit for my future making sure that my health span matches my life span as closely as possible.  This is my Journey.

Part of being amazing, I feel, is encouragement.  I hope to encourage you daily to do the things you enjoy, to be yourself, to remember to dream, and to be amazing!  Today I’d like to encourage you by passing on 5 steps to Happiness from Shawn Achor and his site  I was fortunate enough to hear Shawn live and was struck by his seemingly simple message of happiness and how we can obtain it, improve our lives through it, improve our health through it, and potentially change others and society through it.  I highly recommend his book The Happiness Advantage, also available on Audible and read by the author.

An amazing amount of research has been done on how to reprogram our brains to be more positive.  It would be easy to dismiss this idea as ridiculous or even too simple, but I encourage to do your own research, it could change your life.

What specifically impacts our happiness and how can we shift it? The three greatest predictors of happiness are optimism (the belief your behavior will eventually matter), social connection, and how we perceive stress (as a challenge or as a threat). If we want to raise happiness we need to make both mindset and behavior shifts.

What are the five key steps that we can take each day to increase our experience of happiness?

1) Bring gratitude to mind: Write down three NEW things that you are grateful for each day

2) Journal: About a positive experience you’ve had recently for two minutes once a day

3) Exercise: Engage in 15 minutes of mindful cardio activity

4) Meditate: Watch your breath go in and out for two minutes a day and

5) Engage in a random, conscious act of kindness: Write a two-minute positive email thanking a friend or colleague, or compliment someone you admire on social media Do these steps for 21 days, and you will begin to see a lasting shift in your mindset towards more positivity.”  -Excerpt taken from article by Kathy Caprino.

I challenge you to give these 5 steps a try!  Let us know what happened as a result.

On a side note, not to long ago I listened to The Great Courses lecture on The Science of Natural Healing by Mimi Guarneri and her research worked with critically ill heart patients who were able to recover by following similar steps.  Our attitudes effect our health and we owe it to ourselves to take that seriously.

So, how’s it going? 

Goal one, my Shaklee BusinessIt is a good thing that I am checking in daily with all of you or I would have let my lack of confidence and insecurity win yesterday.  I love Shaklee products!  I love the research that goes into them, the commitment to excellence, to tests that are done on the raw ingredients AND the finished product.  I love the commitment of Shaklee to the environment and keeping my and my family safe while providing products that truly work!  See, that was easy.  That’s just it.  I love the products and the company and philosophy of the company, but I am not a “sales person”!  The idea of contacting people, even people who have asked me to, makes me nervous.  One of the things I need to grasp is that I don’t have to be a “sales person” I just have to tell people how much I love Shaklee and why and let it go from there.  That is to say, mostly that is true. There is still work to be done.  Yesterday, I sorted my contacts into groups who will receive targeted emails, postcards, or calls.  I made 1 phone call; yep O-N-E but, it is a start!  I started mapping out my postcard and how to encourage my team and spent a couple hours total working in my office.  Today I plan to complete the things I started and keep moving forward.

Goal two, my health and fitness: OYE!  Like I said above, it is a good thing I am checking in daily with all of you!  I had very little motivation to make my body move, but I thought of the goal of how much could be accomplished in as little as 100 days and I thought of having to face blog readers and got my, as we say in the south bee-hind, up and exercised and practiced mindful eating.

I think it is important to remember that exercise doesn’t have to be a scheduled event such as a trip to the gym or a yoga class, but includes movement and play.  Making a lifestyle of movement often provides us with the exercise we need. For example, Europeans are in better shape than Americans, but they walk everywhere.  When we were in Europe a few years ago we walked a minimum of 5 miles a day with no complaints, it’s just what you did there.  At the end of 2 weeks my pants were baggy!!  We live near the grocery so yesterday I walked to the grocery for the ingredients for dinner. Honestly, my daughter dropped me off and I walked back with 2 very full bags.  Well, baby steps I guess!

Overall I’m happy that I followed through on activities to help me reach my goal, but I could have done it with a much better attitude and hit it all a little harder!  Today I will and of course I will Strip and Shake daily and Blog.


100 Days to Amazing!  You can do amazing things. I believe you can; you believe you can too!





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