My Journey to 100 Days to Amazing-29


Today’s tip for Amazingness:


Have you consider giving up TV, smart phones, tablets?  What about just every once in a while?  Or at least cutting back?  I don’t mean give them up all together, just from time to time.  When you have friends over, dinner time, during a movie, you get the idea.  Studies show that just a little time disconnecting from our devices can be quite beneficial.

Sleep Countless studies are showing that watching tv, reading emails, surfing the web a half and hour before bed can make us take longer to fall asleep and impact the quality of our sleep when we finally do fall asleep.

Learn our way around  Using our phones and GPS make us reliant upon them and scientists are doing studies to see how it impacts our abilities to navigate on our own.

Have a Conversation What about committing to not touching your phone for the duration of an entire conversation with someone.  You will be able to engage with the person better and it is respectful and you may be surprised what you learned and how much you remembered.

It is OK to be bored  Finding yourself without something to do or look at can be very stimulating and help with creativity and our brains need some breaks from the stimuli.

It can build relationships Constantly messing with our electronic devices can be a way to emotionally detach.  Try to stay engaged and put the phone away.

Our brains are changed Earlier in another post I mentioned the fact that our brains are working differently as a result of how we read on our devices, more skimming than reading full context and it is actually creating new pathways in our brains which may make it harder to be able to read something beginning to end.

Depression, Fatigue, and Stress are all increased as a result of heavy use of electronic devices.

Give it a try.  Maybe have a family night that is electronic free or ask everyone to put their phones in a box or in a drawer at dinnertime or when they arrive for a party.  Make a TV free week challenge!  However you do it make it a habit to allow yourself some electronic free times!


Here is a great video from Youtube showing the dinnertime possibilities:

So, how’s it going towards my personal goals to amazing? 

I have to admit I am struggling this week in both business and fitness goals.  Even though I have a had a lot to do and a busy schedule I know that there is time to work in working on my goals if I prioritize them, but I have just had a bad attitude and not wanted to work or work out.  Today is another busy day and I want to commit to doing something, but admit I’m just not feeling it.  Looking for motivation!


What motivates you? Reply and share your motivating tricks and tips.

For me just putting it on a list sometimes helps or setting a timer,  guess I’m going to have to listen to my own advice. Dang!  Hate it when that happens.

Have an amazing day


 100 Days to Amazing!  You can do amazing things.

I believe you can; you believe you can too!







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