My Journey to 100 Days to Amazing-39


Today’s tip for Amazingness:

A Little Love Story

One day I was sitting outside drinking my cup of coffee surrounded by trees and a beautiful day when my life changed.  I had been a single mom for 8 years and my kids and I were in a good place.  My eldest had just left for college and my youngest and I were enjoying just hanging out.  Life was good.  Then it got better!

While I was sitting there my phone rang and it was a friend of mine who simply said “Hey, This guy has 2 tickets for a concert and I gave him your number.  You are going to say yes and you’re going to be nice.  Bye” and with that she hung up the phone!  10 minutes later my phone rang again, the calm coffee moment was over as I had just spent the last 10 minutes freaking out and walking in circles in my back yard talking to no one!  I managed to calmly (I feel) answer the phone.  After an awkward conversation the date was set, I had said “Yes”.  Now I had to be nice!

Our date was lovely. You should know that I am 13 years younger than my husband and in the world of pop culture this is a big deal! Meaning, I had never heard of Gordon Lightfoot and had to Google him before the date.  In truth I did recognize a few songs after the fact.  OOOOHHH,  and I may have made a faux pas when Van asked me what I thought of John Denver.  I know who he is!!! BUUT, at that moment all I could think of was the Muppets.  I said “Oh, he is the guy that sang with Kermit, right?”  “It’s not easy being green lal lalal…” eh-hem.  Uhhhh,  he still asked me out again!  At the end of the date I asked him if he would tell my friend that I had indeed been nice.  He replied with a total line “Well, I think I’ll have to see you more to decide, first”.  A line right?  I knew it and I pride myself on not being a typical girl prone to giggles etc., except I did.  “heee, heee hee” as I brushed my hair from my face! OHHH MYY GGOOOSSH, what was thattt!!!  It was over, I was hooked.  There it was for all to see!

 From that date on he slipped into my heart and all my secret places as if he had always been there.  He became my best friend, my confidant, my one true love, and a partner in all of life!   He is now my wonderful husband!

Like any couple we had baggage and a history and yet it was so easy to walk it all out together.  Partners! We each brought even deeper healing to each other’s hearts than we had achieved on our own. It has been tremendous!

At our wedding my brother and his wife sang “The Day Before You” by Rascal Flats, you can listen to it here.  It sums up our feelings for each other perfectly!  And my heart sings this verse “Oh, but Heaven knows those years without you were shaping my heart for the that day I found you. If you’re the reason for all that I’ve been through
Then I’m thankful for the day before you.”!  True story!

 One of the best parts of our relationship is not only being able to completely be accepted as ourselves, but to be more of ourselves than even we knew we could be.  I believe it is our jobs as spouses to help the other be all they were meant to be, even when they don’t see it.  I believe this is our job in all relationships, to help each other be the best version of ourselves we can be!  That is amazing!

I’d like to share our wedding vows with you today as part of sharing our little love story!

Van:  God has named you his Daughter Full of Grace, and so you are to me.  Through you, I have experienced more of God’s grace than ever before in my life.  You are a safe haven, a place of peace, where I have found the freedom to be more my true self than I have ever been.  You speak truth to me in love better than anyone, always full of grace and encouragement.  You inspire me to be a better me than I have ever been, and you always remind me who I am in Jesus Christ.

I thank God for you, God’s Daughter Full of Grace, and by his grace, I will be the Son of God’s Heart to you.  I vow to be true to you, to be honest with you, and to speak truth to you in love.  I purpose in my heart to love you with his love, to pursue your heart more deeply every day, to reveal God’s heart toward you in all that I say or do, and to remind you always of who you are in Jesus Christ.

Being with you is like coming home and going on a great adventure at the same time.  I look forward to being at home with you, day in and day out, through joys and sorrows and even through the mundane.  I also look forward to the adventure of living life with you, of taking each step together as God gives us light, and trusting him with the future.  I look forward to laughing with you, crying with you, and praying with you.  Most of all, I look forward to just being with you.

I love you, Lisa, and in Jesus Christ, I give myself to you: all that I am, all that I have, and all that God has called me to be.  I am yours.

Lisa: There are secret places in our hearts where our imaginations thrive and our hopes and dreams are born. from the moment I met you, you walked into these places with me as if you had always been there, you belong.  You came into my world and your hopes and dreams made my hopes and dreams brighter and more wonderful, your imagination made mine more alive, you have loved the true me, the secret me, as a result I am more of who I am meant to be. I am more of who I am truly called to be.

  I cannot promise to love, laugh, share, hope, and dream perfectly.  I will never be the perfect wife, but I promise to love you for you, to hope to see you be more of yourself than even you knew existed.  To love all you are called to be and love you in the process.  I promise to hope for you, respect you, cherish you, imagine with you, to help you be the man God has called you to be, to be with you and to try again when I fail.
 My tender gift from God, simply put-With you and to you, I belong.
Thanks for listening to our story!

My journey to amazing:

My Shaklee Life: My husband and I love having a Shaklee business. We enjoy the income it brings in, but more than that we really love the fact that every day I get to help someone else be healthier and help them be their best version of themselves. We love what Shaklee means to the environment and community as well!  In our journey to amazing I – Lisa intend to grow my business and help more people and have fun in the process. If you’d like to learn more about Shaklee email us at

“Like” My Shaklee Life Facebook page and learn health and fitness tips as well as more about Shaklee.


My Life of Well Being: It is my (Lisa) determination to be more fit, and develop healthy holistic attitudes towards my health and my body.  I choose to do this through education, exercise, caring for myself, and healthy eating and Shaklee.

Here is my Shaklee 180 fitness plan.  If you you’d like to join me ask me about becoming a member and having access to the 180 fitness plan, meal plans and nutrition guides.

Every morning I drink a Life Shake and take a Life Strip- Strip and Shake!

Monday & Thursday: Upper

Tuesday & Friday: Core

Wednesday & Saturday: Lower

I also add in Yoga and Tai Chi and Dolphin Pushups -oof and walking!

What is 180?  Take a look at this video, but take note that the 180 shake has been upgraded and improved to the new Life Shake.

What motivates you? Reply and share your motivating tricks and tips.

 100 Days to Amazing!  You can do amazing things. I believe you can; you believe you can too!

What the 100 Days is about:

I was at the Shaklee Global Conference August 12-16th and we were challenged to 100 Days of Amazing with the question of what could we accomplish in 100 days if we really tried?  I was inspired by the challenge, both as a business builder who wants to grow my business in 100 days and as an individual!  What could I do in 100 days? This blog is a journey, an exercise in learning ways to be the best me, I can be and to help you be the best you, you can be while I’m at it!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


All photography is by me. Feel free to share, but I ask that you credit the photo to my Lisa Wright Burbach.  To see more of my photos visit my flickr site and Instagram listed to the right.  I also have some photography on Pinterest.


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