My Journey to 100 Days to Amazing-79

pain spray

 Today’s tip for Amazingness:

DIY Pain Spray

I love to create and play around in my kitchen and  I love to help people and sometimes I get to put the two together!  A friend of mine asked me if I thought I could come up with a spray on pain reliever for him.  He suffers from stiff muscles, pain, and spasms! So, I agreed to try. What fun! mwahaaahhhhaaaa!

Before I give you the recipe I want to mention that some people are essential oil crazy and over the top while others are anti essential oil in every way.  The truth lies in the middle and I suggest you have an open mind on both sides.  Ask questions, be teachable and willing to learn, look at the science and then make an informed decision.  We can all be friends!

And, by the way, don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the Shaklee wagon, I mean, ya’ll know I love my Shaklee and Shaklee has a great product called “Joint and Muscle Pain Cream” ,which I keep on hand.  You should know that many of Shaklee’s products contain essential oils, extracts, roots, and barks and they do because they work. Joint and Muscle Pain Cream contains menthol, which can be found in many of the mints, such as Corn Mint and Peppermint. a Sometimes it is nice to grab what is on the shelf or throw it in my back pack and go!  And sometimes it nice to take the time to make something and play around.  So let’s play around:

Essential Oil Pain Spray – Between 2% & 3% dilution which is used for the purposes of acute health concerns, in this case pain.  Not recommended for on going use at this dilution.

1 Ounce Aloe Vera Gel

2 Drops Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus

2 Drops Abies sibirica (Siberian Fir)

3 Drops Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange)

3 Drops Lavendula latifolia (Spike Lavender)

2 Drops Mentha x piperita (Peppermint)

1 Drop Mentha Spicata (Spearmint)

3 Drops Elletaria cardamamum (Cardamom)

1 Glass or PET plastic spray bottle (Essential oils can can eat the insides of plastic, if you use plastic you must use PET, glass is my prefence.


You may mix well or prepare in spray bottle and shake well.  Shake well before each use.

You may also use unscented lotion or body butter with these oils in place of a spray.

Why did I choose these oils for my friend? They are known to have qualities which are:

  • Eucalyptus – helps with sore muscles
  • Siberian Fir – helps relief symptoms from arthritis, rheumatism, aches, &  pains in general
  • Sweet Orange – my favorite oil which can be both stimulating or relaxing – Helps with pain and spasms
  • Spike Lavender, which differs from Lavender – Lavendula angustifolia- Helps with circulation, muscular aches, pain, and swelling
  • Peppermint – Helps because it it stimulating, helps with swelling, spasms, and pain relief
  • Spearmint – Helps with spasms and swelling
  • Cardamom – Reduces spasms



I am not a doctor and do not pretend to treat, diagnose, or mitigate symptoms of disease in any way. I am studying aromatherapy and only teaching some of the possibilities of these oils.

As you search for safe, green, and effective products I’d like to help you learn about Shaklee and the commitment to your health and the environment.  Contact me at  or 336-638-1681 to learn more or visit my website at

My journey to amazing:

My Shaklee Life: My husband and I love having a Shaklee business. We enjoy the income it brings in, but more than that we really love the fact that every day I get to help someone else be healthier and help them be their best version of themselves. We love what Shaklee means to the environment and community as well!  In our journey to amazing I – Lisa intend to grow my business and help more people and have fun in the process. If you’d like to learn more about Shaklee email us at

“Like” My Shaklee Life Facebook page and learn health and fitness tips as well as more about Shaklee.

My Life of Well Being: It is my determination to be more fit, and develop healthy holistic attitudes towards my health and my body.  I choose to do this through education, exercise, caring for myself, and healthy eating and Shaklee.

Here is my Shaklee 180 fitness plan.  If you you’d like to join me ask me about becoming a member and having access to the 180 fitness plan, meal plans and nutrition guides.

Every morning I drink a Life Shake and take a Life Strip- Strip and Shake!

My 180 Fitness Program:

Monday & Thursday: Upper

Tuesday & Friday: Core

Wednesday & Saturday: Lower

I also add in Yoga and Tai Chi and Dolphin Pushups -oof and walking!

What is 180?  Take a look at this video, but take note that the 180 shake has been upgraded and improved to the new Life Shake.

What motivates you? Reply and share your motivating tricks and tips.

  100 Days to Amazing!  You can do amazing things. I believe you can; you believe you can too!

What the 100 Days is about:

I was at the Shaklee Global Conference August 12-16th and we were challenged to 100 Days of Amazing with the question of what could we accomplish in 100 days if we really tried?  I was inspired by the challenge, both as a business builder who wants to grow my business in 100 days and as an individual!  What could I do in 100 days? This blog is a journey, an exercise in learning ways to be the best me, I can be and to help you be the best you, you can be while I’m at it!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

All photography is by me. Feel free to share, but I ask that you credit the photo to my Lisa Wright Burbach.  To see more of my photos visit my flickr site and Instagram listed to the right.  I also have some photography on Pinterest.


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