Name Your Year


Have you ever heard of naming your year?  It is a new concept to me, but a great one!  Think of motto’s fond on flags, these statements are things people believe in and are proud of.  They stir within people’s hearts.  Or think of those countries past and present who name their children based on the meaning of the name.  Every time it is spoken a declaration is made.  My son’s name is Micah and it means He who is like Jehovah, now that is a declaration!!

Recently I was watching a webinar from Shaklee (with whom I am an Independent Distributor) giving encouragement as the year came to an end and guidance and direction for 2016.  The webinar had many great parts to it, but what stood out to me was something that Jennifer Glacken, Senior Master Coordinator in Shaklee, said.  She mentioned that years ago a colleague had told her to “name” her year and it is something she has done and continues to do.

This idea really struck me as something important to help me be motivated this year. I carefully considered it and looked deep inside myself.  What would make a difference in my life if I faced it?  I also researched the idea, because… it is what I do – geek!.  This is what I discovered:

  • Naming your year goes beyond “New Year’s Resolutions” it provides guidance and focus.
  • According to author, Victor Ehikhamenor it is normal in Nigeria to name your year and it is part of a large “Crossing Over” ceremony.
  • There are no wrong names.  The decision is personal, deeply personal
  • You should write it out and place it someplace you will see frequently as a reminder and encouragement
  • You will not see your word come to fruition overnight, it will take purpose, drive, and desire.
  • These very things are what make your word real
  • It can be a word or sentence, as long as it is what speaks to you
  • Someone spoke to me the difference between our activities and our dreams.  Our activities are often our New Year’s resolutions while naming our year is our dream.  We may do our resolutions in the process of making our dream happen, but it is not the big picture.
  • Celebrate the wins in regard to your goal!  Try journaling your wins, the process helps cement it in our minds and hearts and will bring good feelings to the memory which will be encouraging later.
  • Once you have named your year brainstorm ways you will make it happen, your plan.
  • Let someone know your year’s name and ask them to be part of the process.  This will help you follow through.
  • Get excited about your year’s name.  You should be excited for the prize at the end of the year.

As I carefully considered what the name for my year would be I decided to face things I had kept deep inside.  For me my faith is key to something like this and in the end (yea, I know.. why always the end, stubborn?)  I prayed and asked God what my year should be named.  I saw some of my weakness and understood that fear is my biggest obstacle and that I allow my fear of failure, falling short, being under informed etc. to keep me from stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things and growing.  As a matter of fact it clearly holds me back if not causing me to fall backwards.

I used to have a boss who would ask me to do things I was certain I couldn’t do, but I could.  He knew this, I just had to know it.  I would do the same with my children,  I always tell them “I will never ask you to do something I don’t believe you can do.” “If I ask you to do it, I truly believe you can, I believe in you.”.  Often I would ask them to stretch themselves, and they always came trough and felt proud of themselves.  I find that I am not very good at doing this for myself because I lacked the courage to do it.  hmmm Courage.  Got, it!  That is my name for this year!  So, at the beginning of this year I declare I will face my fears and walk in courage.  It will be a great year!  2016, I name you “Courage”.


I encourage you to name your year.  Give it deep consideration, prayer, meditation etc.  Look deep inside of you, what do you want?  What do you want to see change?  When you do, I’d love to hear your name.  Post the name of your year to this blog or on twitter and use #theshakleelife so that I can find it!  I am at @lisaburbach if you would like to follow me or post to me personally.    Here are some of the names I found on the internet to help you get some ideas:

  • Focus
  • Believe
  • Year of the Green Card
  • Year of revaluation
  • Studly
  • Remembering this place
  • Greatness
  • Strength
  • Hope
  • Year of the heart
  • Become what you believe

Whatever you choose, I wish you success and joy in the process!


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